Our Goals

Goals…they seem so easy until you decide to write them down. We know our ultimate goal is freedom to travel and enjoy new experiences but it doesn’t just happen overnight.

So we thought, how do we make this happen? First, we must have goals so let’s write them down.

  • Save & Invest Money
  • Reduce All Unnecessary Expenses
  • Downsize
    • Eliminate 2nd Car
    • Cancel Cable
    • Keep Thinking…
  • Final Goals
    • Stop Working Full Time
    • Enjoy Our New Freedom & Start a New Lifestyle

Cool now we’re getting somewhere. If all goes well and we get gain our freedom then what? Obviously we don’t want to sit at home and do nothing, so we must have interests. Why not write them down as well.

  • Hiking / Exploring
  • Camping (Maybe a Small Trailer Someday)
  • Learn Another Language
  • Live 6 Months in Another Country
  • Any Bucket List Items? Write them down…
    • Inca Trail, Peru
    • Kumano Kodo, Japan
    • Landmannalaugar, Iceland
    • Keep Going…

We hope you are as excited planning your escape as we are! Never forget…everything is possible!!

Places We Want to Experience

On top of goals, we also have places we simply want to experience. This is our list so we don’t forget them.

Do you have a trip suggestion you would like to share? If so, send us a note and let us know.

AsiaChinaMt. Huashan Cliffside Plank Path
AsiaJapanKumano Kodō Pilgrimage Route
South AmericaPeruMachu Picchu
South AmericaPeruInca Trail
South AmericaPeruHuayna Picchu
AsiaThailandFloating Market
North AmericaUnited StatesUtahZion National ParkThe Narrows
North AmericaUnited StatesCaliforniaYosemite National ParkHalf Dome
North AmericaUnited StatesCaliforniaDeath Valley National ParkRacetrack Playa