Weller Lake Trail

A short great hike only 9 miles from Aspen, Colorado. Weller Lake Trail offers a forest hike, some rock scrambling and a scenic lake for relaxing.

Driving Kebler Pass in the Fall

Would you like to see one of the largest and most spectacular aspen groves in the United States? Then driving Kebler Pass in the fall is where you need to go.

Hiking Gem Lake in Estes Park

This hike comes with plenty of great views of Estes Park and lots of unusual rock formations. You may even see “Paul Bunyan’s Boot”. If this sounds good, then you should try hiking Gem Lake Trail in Estes Park.

American Lake Trail in Aspen Colorado

The American Lake Trail in Aspen Colorado was highly recommended due to its spectacular scenery, golden Aspen trees and the stunning mountain lake. We were also warned it’s a leg burner. This should be fun!