The Beauty of Yellowstone

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park ~ America’s First National Park. A beautiful and scenic location with one downside…it’s situated above a supervolcano. What’s the worst that could happen?


We love Yellowstone National Park and decided to spend a week camping just north of Mammoth in Gardiner, Montana. Here are some photos of the National Park.

We arrived from the east entering the Fishing Village.

Good Sign – Animals

We’d only been in the park two hours and already saw a bunch of animals! 😉

Drive to Norris Junction then Mammoth

The road north to Lamar Valley was closed so we drove to Norris Junction then north to Mammoth.

A Petrified Tree & Lamar Valley

The Mammoth Hot Spring area and Lamar Valley are two amazing locations.

Animals in Lamar Valley

We feel lucky to see a coyote and another bear.

Mammoth Hot Springs Area

The short trail to Canary Spring in Mammoth leads to the impressive terrace at the end.

Grand Prismatic Spring and Area

One of the most perfect springs in the park is Grand Prismatic Spring.

Short Hike Around Old Faithful

The hike around old faithful leads to many springs and geysers.

Back to Lamar Valley for Dinner

We really like Lamar Valley.

Mammoth and Canary Spring

We really like Canary Spring too.

Shorts Hikes Around Mammoth

A few shorts hikes in the area.

Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River

Powerful waters.

West Thumb

West Thumb is a nice area to walk around. We noticed many of the more lively springs seem to have dried up or maybe they are seasonal. 🙁

Heading to the Tetons

More views along the drive toward the Tetons.

360 Photos

360 Video

The scenic Tetons.

Our Thoughts

Yellowstone is truly a wild land. Animals, hot springs, geysers, and the sounds of the birds, animals, rivers and waterfalls. No wonder it was the first National Park in the United States in the 1800s.

It would take lots of time to see the “touristy” sights not to mention the “off the beaten” path sights.

Yellowstone offers a little of everything. Add it to your list.

More Useful Information

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