UFO Watchtower

The UFO Watchtower is a alien hotspot in Hooper, Colorado. Not only can you learn more about aliens or perhaps see one, but a few miles away are Colorado alligators. Also, less than an hour away is the stunning Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Finding the UFO Watchtower

From the town of Hooper, Colorado, we drove north on highway 17 toward the UFO Watchtower. There are lots of alien signs and 2.5 miles you will see the entrance to the watchtower on the lift. It’s very easy to find from highway 17.

The cost per carload is $5 and per person is $2. A cheap and a fun way a spend some time exploring.

Follow the Aliens to the Entrance

Friendly aliens pointing you to the watchtower.

The UFO Watchtower

The watchtower, gift shop and a painted storage unit just behind the tower.

View from the Watchtower

Nice view of the alien grounds and the Colorado scenery.

The Watchtower Grounds

Walk around the alien garden and, like the sign reads, see if you can feel the energy.

The Two Vortexes

We were told there are 2 vortexes on the property. One is clearly marked with large rocks and the alien. Some people say when they stand near the vortexes and especially where the two vortexes intersect, they can feel a strange sensation. We did not 🙁 feel any.

Big Foot

Bigfoot can also be found at the UFO Watchtower. Perhaps bigfoot is an alien.

Gift Shop

The gift shop has lots of interesting alien items for sale. There are lots of articles, books, and photos that are worth checking out as well.

Crashed UFO

Apparently UFO’s crash everywhere. 😉

Follow the Aliens to Exit

More friendly aliens helping you find your way out.

360 Photos

Our Thoughts

The UFO Watchtower is worth checking out especially since you are probably already in the area for the Great Sand Dunes. There are lots of UFO hotspots in the United States and this is an interesting one.

If you aren’t an “alien” believer, you might enjoy just looking at all the stuff other people have left on the property.

We were told most UFOs in the states are seen in this part of Colorado.

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Map to the Watchtower

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