Bishop Castle – Imagination Come to Life

Bishop Castle in Rye, Colorado was built by a single man in a span of over 50 years. When you think of castles, you probably think of Ireland or Scotland but if you are near Rye, Colorado, go see this castle.

Bishop Castle, Rye Colorado

Our Surprise

Our GPS said we were less than 1 mile from our location. We assumed we’d see a small sign for parking and then have to take a short walk to the castle.


We parked on the side of the road clearly seeing the castle towering above the trees!

The castle area can be reached by walking through a gate or a tunnel. There is also a “Enter at your own risk” sign worth ready.

The castle is well built but will still make you nervous walking around on it. You will understand if you see it in person. 😉

Castle Replica

Before Heading Into the Castle

We walked around the outside of the castle before going up the stairs.

Up we go…

Steep stairs straight.

Entering the Great Ballroom

The Great Ballroom has wood floors, stained glass, and several stairways going both up and down.

Just outside the Great Ballroom is a carved wooden arm and looking up at one of the towers. Notice the face carved into the rock in the bottom right of the tower wall.

Room Under the Great Ballroom

A large room under the Great Ballroom. Large foundation walls and more stained glass windows.

Going Even Higher…

We are nearing the top but it still goes higher.

Closer to the Top @ the Metal Ball

We are now at an area that has a metal walkway to nowhere, a tower with a metal ball that you can climb into and another walkway to a not so safe tower.

The last photo shows the highest peak of the tower.

Stairway Inside a Tower

One of the many tower stairways.

View from the Castle Top

If you do not have a fear of heights then you will want to climb the tower. It’s the highest point on the castle that a person can “safely” climb. Just a note, it sways a little when the wind blows. 🙂

Fire Breathing Dragon

The fire breathing dragon.

The King’s Chair

or Queen’s Chair…

One Man’s Accomplishment

Reading the history of Jim Bishop and the building of the castle is a short yet very interesting read. Jim is very motivated and has quite the imagination.

I’ll have a link to it at the bottom of this page.

360 Photos

More 360 shots of the castle.

360 Video

This is a 360 video. When you play it, you look where you want to look. It will be like you’re there with me.

The second is a bullet time video. Just a camera swinging around my head. 😉

Bullet Time Video

Bishop Castle Location

Free admission but donations welcome!

Bishop Castle
12705 State Highway 165
Rye, Colorado 81069

Our Thoughts

This castle is fantastic! We arrived knowing nothing about it and expected to stay maybe an hour. We left 3 hours later after climbing up and down nearly every inch of it.

It’s hard to imagine that one man built this entire castle by himself. The jail, Great Ballroom, towers, arches, bridges, a drawbridge and it appears a moat is now being built.

What a great roadside attraction!

More Useful Information

Bishop Castle | Official Website

The Story of Jim Bishop

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