Robber’s Roost Hideout Trail

Robbers Roost / Hide Out Cave

Facts To Remember


Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: .9 miles or 2.9 miles round trip if you can’t drive to final parking area
Elevation Gain: 470 feet
Starting Elevation: 4,942 feet
When To Hike: Year Round
Permits: None
Pets Allowed: Yes on leashes
Starting Location: Approx 11 miles up Forest Road 525 & 525C
Time of Year: July, 2020

Morning of the Hike

We camped a short distance off of State Route 89A on Forest Road 525. We had the place to ourselves until these hot air balloons woke us up.

Reaching the 1st Parking Area

To start your journey, you will be on State Route 89A and you’ll need to drive toward Loy Butte Road aka Forest Road 525. This road is a washboard of dirt, rocks and sand. We didn’t have a 4×4 and were fine but also drove very slow.

Next you need to look for Forest Road 525C which will turn left. This will take you to the first parking area and 1 mile from the trailhead. No matter what you’re driving, it’s probably best to stop and walk.

Also, look up directions before driving out because things aren’t well marked and it would be easy to miss a turn.

Stopped at 1st Parking Area

We stopped at the first parking area because of this! This photo looks much friendlier than when standing in front of it.

Hike to 2nd Parking Area and Trailhead

Since our little car wouldn’t make the drive to the second parking area, we walk. This walk is basically just a walk on the road for one mile to the parking area and trailhead.

The Trailhead

The hike goes down the hill then up and to the left. Not a hard hike at all. Remember the cave is on the other side of the hill you are walking toward. You won’t see the cave until you are 100 feet from it.

Steep Drops Just Before the Cave

At this point you are minutes from the cave entrance. As you can see, the trail is solid sloping rock. Be careful as you walk.

The Cave and Window

Robber’s Roost Hideout straight ahead! We’ve made it!

Inside the Robber’s Roost Hideout

What a view and what a spectacular cave with its own window. We spent a solid two hours here before a few other people showed up. Lucky!

We’d heard someone came out here and vandalized with paint. Please show respect to these areas so others can enjoy.

Thru the Window and Exploring

We went thru the window and went past the cave then up to the top above the cave. Great 360 view up there. We could see all the way back to our car and noticed, unfortunately, three people were on their way.

Back to the Car

Some colorful cactus flowers and a heart shaped prickly pear cactus leaf. ūüėČ

360 Photos

Our Thoughts

The hikes in and around Sedona, AZ are all really great. We’ve heard of many “secret” Sedona hikes over the years and this was one we decided to do. You really can’t go wrong with most hikes in this area.

The Robber’s Roost Cave definitely took a bit more effort to locate but was a really fun short hike with a huge payoff at the end. Maybe due to time or year or day but this trail was not busy at all. We passed one person leaving as we were getting close to the cave and 2 hours later a few people arrived at the cave. A peaceful area with an interesting history (links below).

Are you Considering This Hike?

Check the weather, if rain or bad weather is expected, this would be better done another day.
Wake up early and start your hike before sunrise
Use GPS or a real map before attempting to find this cave – the forest roads can be confusing

Hike Recommendations

Water: Always bring plenty of water as summer temperatures can be very high
Food/Snacks: Always bring some food
Safety: There are dropoffs so be careful as you get close to the cave
Hiking Sticks/Poles: Poles will reduce the impact on knees and leg muscles

More Useful Information

Robber’s_Roost History

Directions / Map

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