Hiking Navajo Queen’s Garden Trail Loop

Hiking in Bryce Canyon

Facts To Remember


Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 2.9 miles round trip / approx 3 hours
Elevation Gain: 800 feet
Starting Elevation: 8,000 feet
When To Hike: Spring to Fall
Permits: National Park Fee
Pets Allowed: Yes on leashes but not sure if allowed on all trails
Starting Location: Sunset Point Parking Lot
Time of Year: July, 2020

Reaching the Parking Area

Sunset Point parking lot is a little south of the Bryce Canyon Lodge, off of State Highway 63. It’s a large parking area with restrooms and water fountains.

Trailhead at Sunset Point

The Navajo Loop trailhead starts at Sunset Point. Turning right takes you to Wall Street and left takes you to Two Bridges. We will go down taking the Wall Street route then continue onto the Queen’s Garden Trail.

Sunset Point is 800 feet above the Wall Street area and zig zags all the way down. Great way to start a hike but it means at some point you have to come back up.

Lots of fantastic views of the hoodoos.

Entering Wall Street (800 Feet Below)

Wall Street is a narrow area that cuts through many hoodoos and tall trees. It’s a well known area within Bryce Canyon. Many years ago one of the hoodoos collapsed and blocked Wall Street. The estimated weight of the rocks removed was around 450 tons.

Continuing Past Wall Street

Hiking through all these hoodoos gets your imagination going. Everything starts looking like something or someone. Have fun!

Navajo & Queen’s Garden Intersection

If you’ve never done the full Navajo Loop Trail and you wanted to then follow the Two Bridges route. On this hike, we continued straight to Queen’s Garden Trail.

Queen’s Garden Trail

The Queen’s Garden area has many unique sights such as hoodoos, one being Queen Victoria, long winding paths and some doorways.

Stay On Path Signs

Queen Victoria Hoodoo

The famous Queen Victoria hoodoo. Do you see it?

Heading to Sunrise Point

Heading up to Sunrise Point means climbing the 800 feet we descended getting into Wall Street. Once at Sunrise Point, we will walk the rim back to Sunset Point.

Sunrise Point

Stunning views from Sunrise Point.

Rim Walk from Sunrise to Sunset Point

It’s .5 miles from Sunrise Point to Sunset but it’s easy and along the rim. The views are fantastic!

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Our Thoughts

Bryce Canyon National Park is a one of a kind place. There are many unique sights, fun hikes and lots and lots of overlooks. If you don’t like to hike, you will still love this park while enjoying only the overlooks.

As you hike, you will wind through the colorful pink, orange, tan and white hoodoos. The longer you hike the more your imagination runs wild and you start to see “things” in the hoodoos. They start looking like animals, people and more.

Take your time and enjoy!

Are you Considering This Hike?

Check the weather, if rain or bad weather is expected, this would be better done another day. Rain/Snow will make this a very muddy.
Wake up early and start your hike before sunrise

Hike Recommendations

Water: Always bring plenty of water as summer temperatures can be very high
Food/Snacks: Always bring some food
Safety: There are dropoffs so be careful around the rim

More Useful Information

Bryce Canyon National Park Map

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