Bull Valley Gorge Trail

Bull Valley Gorge Trail

Facts To Remember


Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: Minimum 2 mile round trip
Elevation Gain: 200 feet
Starting Elevation: 6,069 feet
When To Hike: Spring to Fall
Permits: No
Pets Allowed: Unknown
Starting Location: Take Skutumpah Road and park before the bridge crossing the gorge
Time of Year: July, 2020

The Drive to the Trailhead

Sometimes getting to the trailhead is a simple task. This trailhead is a bit more difficult especially if you don’t have a 4×4 vehicle. We have a RAV4 and took it slow and easy and had no problems, but you will have to make that decision when you arrive on Skutumpah Road. This road can easily be found by looking for the sign below, wind art (seen in photo) and a red picnic table.

The road is initially very steep but is also rutty, sandy, rocky and very washboardy. Even roadblocks like cows.


We drove 8.1 miles and arrived at a sign stating “Temporarily Closed for Maintenance”. We parked and walked a few hundred feet and arrived at the bridge which had collapsed explaining the “Closed” sign.

Bull Valley Gorge Trailhead

The trailhead is just on your right before crossing the bridge. The trail starts above the highest point of the slot canyon. Slip through the barb wire entrance and start your hike.

Searching for the Slot Canyon Entrance

You will hike above the slot canyon for approximately .4 miles. You will eventually see where you can climb into the slot canyon and begin the hike inside the slot canyon.

Entrance Found

This was the easiest entrance into the slot canyon. You just climb down about 10 feet and begin the slot hiking.

Hiking the Slot Canyon

This is an amazing slot canyon that gets deeper as you hike into it. There are several areas that require you to climb down logs and under rocks.

A Call for Help?

We don’t recommend writing on walls but someone needed help and wrote “Send Noodles”. Fortunately this was written in dirt/mud.

Tricky Rock to Pass

This rock blocked the path so I careful went up and over going down the log on the other side. Once I passed it, I noticed a small area under the rock that could be crawled through.

The Bridge and Truck

We are now under the bridge and right above us is the trailhead start. Also just under the bridge is the location of the 1954 accident where three locals died when their truck fell into the canyon. The truck is still wedged in the upper are of the canyon. Terrible sight to see.

Sights Further Past the Bridge

The scenery opens up a bit beyond the bridge but it’s still well worth exploring.

Back at the Slot Beginning

Time to climb around, relax and attempt a nap.

Driving Down Skutumpah Road

360 Shot Relaxing End of Hike

360 Video Inside the Slot Canyon

Our Thoughts

This is a fantastic slot canyon. It’s not technical although there are a few areas that require bouldering, up and down rocks via tree trunks and one spot had a rope to assist. Just be careful and do what you are comfortable doing. The sights are really nice with all the colors and rock shapes.

If you love slot canyons this one is a must.

Are you Considering This Hike?

Check the weather, if rain or bad weather is expected, this would be better done another day
Wake up early and start your hike before sunrise
There are some areas that require climbing over and down/up large rocks – have a friend and be careful

Hike Recommendations

Water: Always bring plenty of water as summer temperatures can be very high
Food/Snacks: Always bring some food
Safety: Bring a friend in case you need help during bouldering

More Useful Information

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