The Murals of Las Vegas

We visited Las Vegas recently and heard there were many murals in downtown on Fremont Street. Today’s the day we took a walk to find them and we found LOTS!

Las Vegas Murals

Las Vegas has everything you could ever want but we didn’t expect murals. We passed a few when driving around and now we are taking a walk to find as many as we can in an afternoon.

The murals are all over Fremont Street, Stewart Avenue, North Street, Ogden Avenue and many others nearby streets.

Let’s get started.

Murals Everywhere

All the street art is located within walking distance of Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas. We found so many great ones but unfortunately didn’t keep track of their exact locations. We included a link at the bottom that provides an interactive map that may help.

It was a fun walk finding all of these. Have fun looking!

Downtown Container Park

The Container Park is a very unique and fun location. One large attraction is “The Mantis”. It’s a 40′ metal mantis with quite the history. Created as a anniversary gift, displayed at Burning Man and now lives here. Each night at sundown, a celebration called the “Call to the Mantis” occurs and soon after the mantis performs a flame shooting show.

The Heart Lock is a piece of art that people attach locks to with messages.

Big Rig Jig

The 50′ tall sculpture is massive and weighs 25 tons. It’s a crazy piece of art made from two trucks.

360 Photos

Couple photos using a 360 camera around Vegas. Can you figure out where there were taken?

Our Thoughts

We are always amazed by the skill of the street artist. The vibrant colors, detail of the work and often the difficulty of the location make them fun to find and enjoy. We probably missed a hundred others during our search.

If you like murals and are heading to Vegas, go take a walk and find them. This is one thing that doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. 😉

If you need a break from Vegas, take a ride to Valley of Fire. Great way to spend the day outside of Sin City.

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Murals and Street Art in Las Vegas

Interactive Map

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