Devils Tower – Hiking Tower Trail

Devils Tower, a sight we’ve always wanted to visit but never made time for…until now. A natural phenomenon in the middle of open prairie. What a stunning sight!

Devils Tower

Facts To Remember


Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.3 miles round trip / approx 1 hour
Elevation Gain: 120 feet
Starting Elevation: 4,245 feet
When To Hike: Year Round
Permits: National Park Fee Required
Pets Allowed: Yes allowed in park but NOT on hiking trails
Starting Location:  Parking is next to Visitor’s Center
Time of Year: June, 2020

Entering Wyoming

Devils Tower is a sight we always wanted to see but it’s far from many of the locations we tend to visit. Therefore, we kept putting it off. This year we decided to do it, so hello Wyoming!

Approaching Devils Tower

This is unbelievable. We drove a long time seeing nothing, then we come around a corner and there it is. Massive considering we are still quite a distance from it.

Parking and Getting There

Parking for Devils Tower is next to the Visitor’s Center.

Setting Up Camp at KOA

We found a tent spot with a perfect view. This is perfect!

Prairie Dogs

We passed a prairie dog city on the way to the trail. Drive slow and you can’t miss them. They are running everywhere including across the road so be careful out there!

Hiking Devils Tower

This is a map located at the trailhead of Tower Trail. You initially go up a steep but short area to reach the Tower Trail Loop. At this point, you can hike around the tower in either direction.

Views of Devils Tower

We hiked the loop counter clockwise. Every step gives you up close views for the tower and gets you right up to the boulder fields. The boulders don’t look huge until you stand next to them.

We also noticed several trees that had Native American prayer cloths attached. More information can be found at the National Park Service.

Here are our photos along the way.

Nightly Movie at KOA

The KOA has a nightly viewing of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” with Devils Tower in the background.

We didn’t expect many people and arrived 10 minutes before show time. There were already 20 people gathered. Grab a seat and enjoy!

360 Shot of Devils Tower

Photos as we Leave Devils Tower

Our Thoughts

A great monument to visit! We’ve put this trip off for a long time due to its distance from other places and are glad we finally visited. It’s a beautiful drive and once the tower is visible the drive gets more exciting. We enjoyed many of the scenic areas to view the tower but found the best way to experience it was by the short hike around the base.

The prairie dogs are always fun to watch and listen too as well. Be prepared to see them. If you have time, definitely check out the tower at night. It’s dark and spooky but worth it.

I wish I had five hands, so I could give Devils Tower five thumbs up! 🙂

Next up…Thermopolis.

Are you Considering This Hike?

Check the weather, if rain or bad weather is expected, this would be better done another day
Nothing too dangerous on this hike unless rocks start falling from the tower
This is a short hike with several benches to relax and enjoy the view

Hike Recommendations

Water: Always bring plenty of water as summer temperatures can be very high
Food/Snacks: Always bring some food

More Useful Information

Devils Tower KOA

Devils Tower Hikes @ NPS

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