Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a unbelievable accomplishment. An idea turned into reality. It’s hard to imagine someone said let’s carve four president’s heads, 60′ tall each into this granite mountain.

Mount Rushmore

Driving to Mount Rushmore

The road to Mount Rushmore is very scenic and is very windy. Here’s a view of the monument through Iron Mountain Road Tunnel.

Wonder if this was done on purpose? 😉 We were lucky there wasn’t much traffic.

George Washington’s Profile

This view wasn’t expected as we were headed to the park entrance. What a surprise! Stunning profile of George Washington. Massive and very impressive!

Welcome to Mount Rushmore

This is an incredible view and much more impressive in person. It’s hard to believe this was built in 14 years for just under one million dollars.

Another interesting fact, Thomas Jefferson was originally started on George Washington’s right (left if looking at photo) but due to some rock issues the plans were changed to what you see today.

Entering the Park, Fees & Parking

The National Park is free but parking is not. Parking a non-commercial vehicle is $10 for the day.

Presidential Trail

The Presidential Trail Loop is a 0.9 mile loop that takes you right to the base of the rock pile. It is an amazing view and has several platforms with seating. Be prepared for lots of stairs.

Look closely at the eyes. You can see how everything was carved out except for a single piece of granite which gives the illusion of a pupil.

Lighting Monument at Night

The transition from day to night.

Final Thoughts

We absolutely loved this National Park. We expected to like it but seeing it in person is so much better. It’s grand and majestic and every night they fold the American flag with the crowd singing the National Anthem. A must see if in the Black Hills and can’t wait to visit again.

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Presidential Trail

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