Porter Sculpture Park, South Dakota

Driving I-90 heading to the Badlands and out of nowhere we see a huge bull head wearing a blue tarp as a mask! We are about to experience the art of Porter Sculpture Park!

Welcome the to Porter Sculpture Park

Welcome to the Porter Sculpture Park! Another unexpected roadside attraction which seems more common as you head west in the United States. In a huge 18 acre field, you will find unique art made of welded metal. Get your camera ready and let’s have some fun!

This 60 foot tall bull’s head was what we saw in the distance. No clue what is was at first, then we got closer and laughed at the giant tarped mouth bull.

Entrance & Cost

This park is well worth the money! Not only because it’s fun to explore but when you consider the amount of time, skill, and expense of building it all then moving everything to this location. An amazing accomplishment!


Unique Ideas

Very creative ideas that transformed into these amazing sculptures.



Party Time

Household Items

Other Scary Things…

Hand, Thorn and Butterfly

What is the purpose of the thorn and butterfly both on the hand?

Hungry Vultures

Lots and Lots of Fish


Final Thoughts

The Porter Sculpture Park is an unexpected and very unique art find just off interstate 90 near Montrose, South Dakota. Whether you have kids or not, it is well worth the time and a great place to stretch your legs.

Personally we love all roadside attractions. The fact that they are just someone’s “idea” come to life makes them worth visiting. This is a huge accomplishment and a project of dedication and hard work.

Go see it and enjoy!

“Bye for now” – happy yellow figure

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Sculpture Park off I-90 in Montrose, South Dakota

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