Corona Arch Trail in Moab

Corona Arch Trail is a fun hike 15 minutes from Arches National Park in Moab that involves a ladder, chains, cairns and ending at the massive arch. Let’s go!

Corona Arch, Moab

aka Little Rainbow Bridge

If you want to visit an arch that has less people than at Arches National Park then do this hike.

It’s a great hike and fairly short at 1.5 miles one way. The trail is easy to follow and well marked with cairns. The area is typical Moab with slickrock and sandstone.

Facts To Remember


Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3 miles round trip / approx 3 hours
Elevation Gain: 350 feet
Starting Elevation: 4,000 feet
When To Hike: Year Round
Permits: No
Pets Allowed: Yes
Starting Location: Parking Area opposite the Gold Bar Campground
Time of Year: October, 2019

Parking and Getting There

From Moab, drive northwest on US 191 and turn left on on 279 / Potash Road. You will be on 279 for approximately 10 miles then you will see a sign on your right for Corona Arch Trailhead. Turn here as this is the parking area.

Just past this parking area on the left is Gold Bar Campground. If you pass this then you missed the parking area.

Hiking Corona Arch Trail

After parking the trail immediately goes uphill. This is the steepest park of the trail. Great view of the parking area and campground.

The Hike Begins

We hiked up the initial steep part of the trail and found a “sign” pointing us in the proper direction.

Railroad Tracks

Next up, crossing the railroad where trains hauls potash.

Sights Along the Trail

More views as we get closer to the arches.

Cairn Garden

This area was a pleasant surprise. An area with hundreds and hundreds of cairns of all heights and shapes. Very cool!!


Just a few cables to get you successfully passed a slickrock area and the up a steep incline.

Ladder and a Cute Tree

A little ladder helping you get up this area. You can go around to get to the same place but the ladder is nice.

First View of the Arches

These are the first views of the arches. Corona looks huge and we are still far away!

Pinto Arch

This arch is easily visible, but not easily reachable, and just to the left of Corona Arch. This pothole arch formed a long time ago when it was just a pothole filled with water and eventually eroded and became Pinto Arch.

Corona Arch

We have reached the massive 140 foot x 105 foot arch! What a fantastic sight!

Climb to Top of Arch

Probably not recommended going to the top. The photo below shows the area I took to reach the top. The area on the right (in the shadow). It looks simple but is very steep and just to the right (out of photo) is a several hundred foot dropoff. Going up was easy…going down was scary.

Views from the Top

Fantastic views from the top!

Climbing Back Down from Top

This was scarier than climbing up.

Heading Out

We loved the hike but it’s time to head back to the car.

Our Thoughts

This is another really fun hike but what hike in the Moab area isn’t? We love the variety of sights we were able to see such as the train tracks, cairn garden, ladder, amazing arches and of course the sandstone.

The Moab area is filled with so much to do and there are so many “hidden” gems on our list to explore.

Until next time…

Suggestions and Tips

If you hike in the summer, start early and take water as it will be hot

Are you Considering This Hike?

Check the weather for rain or bad weather and dress accordingly
If you decide to climb to the top of the arch be very careful as it’s located next to a dangerous dropoff

Hike Recommendations

Water: Always bring plenty of water as summer temperatures can be very high
Food/Snacks: Always bring some food
Hiking Boots/Shoes: Traction is Important – No sandals, flip flops, slippers, dress shoes
Hiking Sticks/Poles: Poles will reduce the impact on knees and leg muscles

More Useful Information

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