Rifle Falls State Park | Colorado

Wanna see Colorado’s only triple 70 foot waterfall surrounded in a lush garden of trees and vegetation? Rifle Falls State Park offer exactly that ~ come take a look!

Getting Here

Rifle Falls State Park, Colorado is a great little park in the northwestern area of Colorado. It’s located at 5775 Highway 325 in Rifle and was an easy drive from Glenwood Springs.

We enjoyed this park and got lucky finding a camping spot considering it only has 13 drive-in and 7 walk-in campsites.

There are tables and grills for picnicking very close to the falls.

The 70 Foot Triple Waterfall

Everyone must have slept in this morning because we arrived at the falls at 9am and had the falls to ourselves.

You can see why so many people come to this park. It’s very scenic and has many viewpoints. We read the park is very crowded in the peak season, holds many yearly weddings, and attracts photographers and movie crews. We couldn’t find out which movies were filmed here but would guess that some have.

Limestone Caves

In addition to the triple waterfall there are also mysterious dark caves to be explored. These are just a short uphill walk from the waterfall and if you decide to explore them, bring a flashlight, grippy shoes and watch your head.

Night Photography from Tent

The night was clear except for a few unruly clouds. Of course, clouds aren’t going to stop us as we are still learning and hopefully we get a few good photos.

Our Campfire

We love campfires so here are a few photos we snapped.

The Next Morning

Right next to our campsite was a little stream so we checked it out. The entire area was very very lush and green. We spotted some watercrest in the perfectly clear water as well.

Final Thoughts

As always, exploring the outdoors always makes for a great day! This state park was no different since it’s reasonably small but offers a lot. A very popular and scenic triple waterfall, limestone caves, great paths, picnics and camping. What more could you ask for?

Hope you enjoyed this and we’ll see you next time ~ bye for now.

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