Lessman’s Truckhenge Farm & Art Park

Lessman’s Truckhenge Farm & Art Park is a roadside attraction that offers a very unique experience including trucks, boats, chainsaw art and more.

Truckhenge ~ Topeka Kansas

Ever hear of Cadillac Ranch or VW Slug Bug Ranch in Texas? Whether yes or no, Lessman’s Truckhenge Farm & Art Park is the Kansas version of those plus much more!

We arrived without appointment hoping we could enjoy the sights. Fortunately Ron was there and offered to take us on a tour of the entire property. What an amazing and wild experience!

Location & Parking

Truckhenge is located in Topeka, Kansas at 4124 NE Brier Road (map) and can be reached @ 785-234-3486.

As the Truckhenge Flyer reads…

“At the intersection of Seward Avenue and Kincaid Road, go north on Kincaid Road for 1.2 miles, turn right, go 1/2 block. WHen you see the headless fish mailbox, you are there!”

Lessman Paintings

Ron took us into the house and walked us through an area with a bunch of paintings on sheets. Some pretty good stuff and each has a name or story.

Sculpture Gardens

The sculpture gardens has lots and lots of chainsaw art. Again each piece of art has a name or was carved to look like someone. I wish we remembered everything Ron told us!

Painted Bus

Yes it is a painted bus.

Boat Henge

This was an unexpected surprise. Several boats buried and sticking out of the ground with interesting paint jobs.

Beer Bottle City

This is exactly as it sounds, various works of art made of beer bottles. An arch, column and doorway.


Finally the main attraction – the trucks!

Rubber Tree

As we were about the leave, we noticed this “rubber” tree in the front of the property.

Final Thoughts

Wild and crazy attraction that is well worth a visit. Ron is an amazing and nice guy that is just as interesting as the art. He’s a fast talker and loaded with information!

Other cool facts about the property:

  • a 30 acre fishing lake is available on the property that requires Ron’s permission but you don’t need a fishing license
  • occasionally the site is used for concerts
  • camping is allowed, again with Ron’s permission
  • free to public but donations accepted

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