VW Slug Bug Ranch, Amarillo TX

Ready for some fun? Bring your paint cans and head to Amarillo TX and let your inner artist come out at the VW Slug Bug Ranch. Rusty bugs are waiting for you!

VW Slug Bug Ranch

Do you like unique roadside attractions and have you always wanted to paint cars? If so, this place is for you. There are abandoned buildings with no bathrooms or food and a bunch of old rusty cars and all waiting for you to legally paint them.

It’s very similar to Cadillac Ranch but smaller, creepier and likely not as well known.

Location & Parking

The VW Slug Bug Ranch is located at the Conway Exit Off Of Route 40 in Amarillo TX. Check out the map.

There isn’t much parking around but when we arrived we were the only visitors. It wasn’t muddy as we walked around but after a rain it would be a very muddy and messy place.

Gotta love route 66!

VW Bugs / Beatles

Just like Cadillac Ranch, the beatles are buried at 45 degree angles with the front of them buried in the dirt. The colorful VW Bugs have badly deteriorated but are still fun to check out.

A Cruiser

This car is on the other side of the building and is well painted. This is a cool looking car sitting all by itself.

Abandoned Buildings

Several abandoned buildings are all within walking distance. They are creepy, dark and intimidating but we went in and looked around and had no problems. Definitely be careful, wear shoes and watch your step as it’s dirty and glass and trash are everywhere. Other than that…it’s awesome!

Final Thoughts

Definitely worth a visit. Take a walk around and snap some pictures. It’s definitely less touristy than Cadillac Ranch but still fun to explore and add your own artsy ideas.

We love the unique sights of Route 66.

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