Driving Kebler Pass in the Fall

Would you like to see one of the largest and most spectacular aspen groves in the United States? Then driving Kebler Pass in the fall is where you need to go.

Getting Here

We were enjoying a soak in Penny Hot Springs before jumping in the car and heading toward Paonia. This was our starting point as we head to Crested Butte via Kebler Pass.

The drive is a 30ish mile winding gravel road with never ending scenery. The colors were at or close to their peak. The aspens exploded with color when the sun hit them. Driving Kebler Pass is likely enjoyable anytime of year, except maybe winter, but the colors in the Fall made it perfect.

Road Jumping

The scenery was already fantastic and we were starting to stop every few minutes. Figured we may as well take the opportunity to see how high we can jump. I learned Aimee has a much more stylish jump than I do.

The Scenery Never Ends…

We aren’t exaggerating when we say we stopped every few minutes. The fall colors were truly stunning.

They say the aspen grove is a single organism as it all grows from a single root system. This aspen grove is enormous!

Gravel Kebler Pass Road

Forest of Ferns

As we got closer to the Crested Butte side of the pass, we noticed a small pull off giving us a view of all these ferns. A massive field of ferns! Pictures don’t do this area justice.

Aspen Tree Bark

Stunning Colors

Nothing to say here but enjoy these colorful photos.

Final Thoughts

A beautiful scenic drive and only 30 miles! Don’t be fooled though, due to the gravel road and the number of stop you WILL make, you should plan on 2-3 hours for a one way drive.

This area of Colorado is high on our list to visit again!

Until next time…

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