Walking Dead Mural, Cynthiana KY

Traveling through Kentucky and a fan of the Walking Dead? It may be time to visit Cynthiana and see the large Walking Dead mural.

We were late bloomers and didn’t start watching the Walking Dead series when it first aired. We did, however, binge watch seasons 1 – 4 so we could start watching season 5 as it aired on AMC.

The Walking Dead Mural

According to this sign, this is the world’s largest known Walking Dead mural. The artist, Sergio Odeith, completed the mural in July 2016 in 5 days using 70 cans of spray paint. In August 2016 it was the central focus for the 2016 Walking Dead Day Event. We would have enjoyed this event!

Walking Dead Comic Book Bench

We saw the mural on the wall and walked right past this Walking Dead comic book bench. A very unique bench for sure.


The entire side of the building is covered with this large mural. The gutters, downspouts and wiring were all painted and blended into the mural.


These portraits on the block wall are really good and surprisingly detailed. Check out the painted door that is part of Rick.

Us and the Lead Characters

This is the closest we may ever get to the Walking Dead stars.

Other Interesting Cynthiana Facts

Have you ever used a Post-it Note? Nearly all of the world’s production of Post-it Notes are created in the Cynthiana 3M plant.

Does Walter Scott sound familiar? He’s famous for convincing several wealthy businessmen that he had a claim to a gold mine in Death Valley. He agreed to split the all profits but needed their investments first. The gold mine didn’t pan out, but he did use their money to build Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley, CA. Estimated cost to build was approx 2 millions dollars.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan then stop by and see it. It’s a large and really nice painting and you can relax on the comic book bench.

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