Paint Mines Interpretive Trail

A unique location of stone and clay carved by nature into hoodoos, spires and colorful walls. Paint Mines Interpretive Trail is worth a visit!

This park is fun to explore while you learn about its history and how it was used in the past. It is an interpretive trail and there are many signs along the path providing information.

Please keep in mind that sitting on, touching, and climbing on and in between the formations is not allowed. Please stay on the trails as going off trail damages the Paint Mines. Climbing and/or scrambling on Paint Mine formations is prohibited.

Evidence of humans date back 9,000 years.  The colorful clay was used by Native Americans for ceremonial paint, dyes and pottery.

Getting Here

The Paint Mines Interpretive Trail is nearly 40 miles northeast of Colorado Springs. It’s an easy drive and the park has three parking lots. When we arrived the parking lot was fairly empty but we heard they can be very crowded during weekends so arrive early just in case. Unfortunately horses, bikes, and dogs are not allowed.

Time to Explore

The trails length is approximately 3.5 miles and does have some elevation gains but nothing too difficult. Overall it’s a easy trail with some very colorful sections. If you don’t want to hike then check out the view from the overlook.

Unique & Colorful Formations

Final Thoughts

Another unique location worth visiting. We loved the section of the trail that opened up into colorful hoodoos surrounded by green and yellow plants. The overlook is also worth checking out as it provides a great view of the parks colors.

Colorado has many beautiful and unique locations. If only we had more time…

Hike Complete ~ Time for Slippers

A place similar to Paint Mines Interpretive Trail yet not as colorful is Monument Rocks in Kansas. It’s much smaller but still worth a visit if you have time. It’s a bit off the beaten track.

If you plan on visiting the Paint Mines Interpretive Trail, you may find this helpful information useful and this map.

Thanks for visiting!

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