Highest Point in Kansas – Mount Sunflower

Our first drive through Kansas and our friends were correct – it is FLAT! The state gains in elevation as we drove west from Missouri but it’s not noticeable. Our goal today…visiting the highest point – Mount Sunflower!

At 4,039 feet above sea level, Mount Sunflower is the highest point in Kansas aka “The Sunflower State”.  It’s located on private land owned by Ed and Cindy Harold and is less than a half mile from the Colorado border.

Interesting fact, the highest point in Kansas is almost the lowest point in Colorado.

Getting Here

It’s not a difficult drive but once you turn off the interstate and onto Road 3 the road becomes gravel and dirt. No special car needed as everything is flat, of course, and well maintained.

These are our directions starting at Weskin, KS.

  • Head west on I-40 for approx 3 miles
  • Turn right onto Road 3 for approx 11 miles
  • Next, turn left on another road (still Road 3?) for approx 1 mile
  • Finally, turn right at the Mount Sunflower entrance sign

We Have Arrived

We have arrived and loved looking around. At first glance, it’s just a sign marking the Kansas high point but as you look closer, you will notice lots of cool details.

  • The tall sunflower is made entirely of railroad spikes
  • The sunflower within the sign is made of multiple blades and what looks like a long bike chain
  • Behind the monument is an engraved stone from the children of Ed and Cindy Harold

Library, Mailboxes & Signs

Also on the property is a little free library (take a book or leave a book), a sign pointing to other locations and a mailbox containing a guest registry and gifts for the owner.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the area, have an extra hour and want to say you’ve visited the highest point in Kansas then Mount Sunflower is for you. Another plus…you will likely have it all to yourself!

Don’t forget to bring a unique something for the mailbox and a book for the library!

Another Kansas sight worth visiting is Monument Rocks aka Chalk Pyramids in Gove County. It is approximately 2 hours east of Mount Sunflower and definitely worth seeing. Hard to believe how flat everything is then these rocks just appear out of nowhere.

Lastly, Kansas is flat and not as scenic as many states, but we would absolutely visit again. Driving some of the local non-interstate roads through many miles of farmland was scenic in it’s own way. Perhaps next time we will visit during sunflower season. I bet that would be colorful sight.

Until next time…

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