Monument Rocks – One of the Eight Wonders of Kansas

We are driving the Kansas flat lands and suddenly out of nowhere rises Monument Rocks – one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas! Impressive!

We’ve been driving in Kansas for what feels like forever. Our destination is getting closer as our GPS says 1 mile to go. Still can’t see anything then another 1/2 mile and still nothing. Are our directions correct? We drive a little further and just around the next turn there it is – Monument Rocks, one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas.

After seeing flat farm land for so long, Monument Rocks is otherworldly. I say that because it doesn’t look like it belongs here and is out of place. Either way…it’s time to explore a little.

Monument Rocks is also know as the Chalk Pyramids. These rock formations reach 70 feet tall and are located on private property in Gove County. Fortunately, the owners allow people to visit from sunrise to sunset and only have a few rules as seen on this sign.

Some facts from the web:

The carbonate deposits were laid down during the Cretaceous Period in what was then the Western Interior Seaway, which split the continent of North America into two landmasses. They are estimated to have been formed 80 million years ago.

Getting Here

Getting here is a very easy drive from either Oakley, KS or Scott City, KS. From either city, you will need to travel on US-83. As you travel on US-83, you will eventually see a sign for the monument. Turn at the sign and you will travel approximately 6 miles east of US-83 on a well maintained dirt road. View Monument Rocks on a map.

Time to Explore

A cool place to just wander around and explore. This is a very unique site and almost seems out of place after hours and seeing only fields of wheat. Now for some photos.

Final Thoughts

Another fun stop and a fantastic spot to stretch your legs. If you drive through Kansas, you definitely need to take breaks and walk around.

I wonder if owners would give permission to camp overnight? The night sky would be dark out here!

While in the area, we plan on visiting Mount Sunflower. This site marks the highest point in Kansas. It’s about 2 hours west of Monument Rocks and nearly on the Colorado border.

Farm Land Photos

These don’t have anything to do with Monument Rocks but we passed miles and miles of these fields and thought we’d just show you the scenery.

Enjoy your visit!

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