Killarney National Park

Twisting roads, ruins, hikes, a waterfall and every shade of green possible. How could you not visit Killarney National Park?

Killarney National Park is not a large park but well worth spending some time. The drive through the park is very scenic and includes a double lane tunnel, a famous view point, and lots of beautiful green forests.

Beautiful Drive Through Killarney National Park

The road twists throughout the entire park and is very well maintained with lots of room for oncoming traffic. Larger roads makes us happy!

Two Lane Road
Two Lane Road

Along the drive you’ll go thru a double lane tunnel carved through the rock.

The scenery was stunning. Lots of green trees, ferns and moss and plenty of purple rhododendrons. We read that the rhododendrons were actually becoming a problem as they are an invasive plant. As it spreads it starves the native plants of sunlight and food.

One of the most famous view points is Ladies View which provides a fantastic view of the Upper Lake and the surrounding area.

Ladies View

We left Ladies View and less than a minute later we passed Ladies View Castle. This was a cool castle, now a ruin, on the side of the road. We found some parking closeby so off we go to explore.

Next and last on our drive was going to Torc Waterfall. We found a nice sized parking lot that was nearly empty. Just beyond the parking lot was a sign stating the waterfall was only a five minute walk.

The hike to the waterfall was spectacular. We practically had the hike and the falls all to ourselves. Everything was green and reminded us of a rainforest!

Here are a few photos from the parking lot to the waterfall and then up a set of stairs beyond the waterfall.

Killarney National Park is a great way to spend the day. Plenty of hikes, some easy and others a bit more strenuous, but each allows the park to be enjoyed in different ways.

Whether you are interested in hiking or not, the park offers plenty of sights and photo opportunities. You can’t go wrong visiting this park.

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