Unique and Vibrant Belfast Street Art Murals

Two days in Belfast with only one plan…just walk and enjoy the city. We expected plenty of pubs, good food and the typical city sights, but then we stumbled onto the Belfast Street Art Murals.

Some were simply a painting on a door or wall and others covered entire sides of buildings. Most are colorful, very detailed and definitely unique. It’s hard to imagine the amount of skill and time involved in creating these paintings. Especially the larger paintings that would require ladders and other gear. Clearly skilled artists at work!

Belfast Street Art Murals
Painted Wall

We wanted to learn about the murals and where to find more so we talked to the locals. Their stories were fascinating as they described The Troubles and the purpose of the murals. We were not aware of Northern Ireland’s history and we would suggest if you have any interest in Northern Ireland, you should really do some research on “The Troubles“.

The murals below are some we found during the day. We walked many streets but the areas recommended to us were Falls and Shankill Roads, the Cathedral Quarter, and North Street. I wish we’d noted the location of each mural but the search is part of the fun.

Enjoy the art!

We didn’t know what to expect from Belfast but after our short trip we wished we had a few extra days. It’s a city full of history, sights, food, friendly people and, of course, the Belfast Street Art Murals. You will love searching and experiencing them for yourself.

We hope our paths cross again!

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