Our Goals

Goals…they seem so easy until you decide to write them down. We know our ultimate goal is freedom to travel and experiences but it doesn’t just happen overnight. So how do we make this happen? Goals…save money and cut expenses. Cool we’re getting somewhere. We love hiking and camping so a trailer small enough to pull and allow us to stay out there longer. I guess we’ll add a camper to our list. We’ve got to keep thinking and adjusting…


  • Save Money
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Buy Camper
  • Stop Working Full Time (either completely stop working or go part time)
  • Travel

On top of goals, we also have places we simply want to experience. This is our list to help remind us. If you’ve got suggestions, send us a note,

AsiaChinaMt. Huashan Cliffside Plank Path
AsiaThailandFloating Market
North AmericaUnited StatesUtahZion National ParkThe Narrows
North AmericaUnited StatesCaliforniaYosemite National ParkHalf Dome
South AmericaPeruMachu Picchu
South AmericaPeruInca Trail
South AmericaPeruHuayna Picchu